16. May, 2018

Pastrami sandwich

Of the so-called romantic comedies, for me it's clear that “When Harry Met Sally from the year 1989” is the best. The film does not have the Hollywood stereo type typical plot, which normally is; boy meets girl and after a series of vicissitudes join in a passionate kiss at that’s the end of the film. “When Harry Met Sally” distils a lot of realism by dealing with two people who know each other for a long time and fall in love without realizing it,  it’s  a kind of story that can  really take place in the so-called "real life." Harry (Billy Crystal) meets Sally (Meg Ryan) in 1978, when the two travel together from Chicago to New York, and after the trip, it was quite clear that they did not like each other. Five years later, they meet again and do not remember having met before. Another five years go by and they meet again, it’s only then that they begin to develop a friendship relationship. Meg Ryan's and Billy Crystal ideas also contributed to several improvisations to the dialogues. All this results in a comedy that transmits naturalness and we find it funny because of how we can relate to the situations that appear on the screen. One of the issues that the film deals with is whether men and women can be friends without sex affecting their friendship. The film seems to say no, in the sense that everyone is surprised that Harry and Sally not only do not have a sexual relationship but also do not think about it. I personally believe that it is possible. The fact that they can imagine the other being naked it does not mean that they cannot be friends. Another interesting aspect is how the evolution we experience as individuals is part of the plot. That is to say, the Harry and Sally who meat each other in 78 are not the same ones who become friends in 89. People change, they evolve according to the experiences they have throughout life. This also means that depending on the moment of your life when you meet someone, that person may be more or less interesting to you at the time.. That includes falling in love. This is also why there are times when some relationships fail, the personal evolutions of each individual may cause that they end up going through very different paths and this is difficult to keep a couple together.

The high light of the film is the famous fake orgasm scene that takes place at Katz's Deli at 205 East Houston in New York. The take is 2 minutes and 53 seconds long and in my opinion one of the finest comic scenes in movie history. You know it even if you’ve never seen the film: Harry and Sally at a restaurant table debating whether women fake orgasms; Sally proving her point that they do by having a (fake) one right there in the crowded bistro; promps a woman at a nearby table to say, “I’ll have what she’s having.” Katz’s Deli, which was already something of a New York institution before that exquisite bit of hilarity was shot there. It’s still a bustling enterprise, though your bragging rights for having eaten there won’t come cheap: Expect to pay $19.95 for the hot pastrami sandwich.