21. Jul, 2018

How to Cook Prawns like a Pro

You all know that I’m enthusiastic promoter of Portuguese Food l know that no matter how many juicy and tender dishes I turn out, and no matter how exquisitely prepared my various peri-peri dishes are, nothing fires up an appetite for Portuguese Cuisine quite the way that seafood does. Much like the Greeks and Italians (both ancient and modern), the geography of Europe shows that the Portuguese have a long-standing and passionate love affair with the sea. Their regional diets are packed with seafood in every form, whether it’s the famous salted codfish Portuguese Specialty Known as Bacalhau, or a bubbling pan of Cataplana Algarve Specialty of mixed seafood in a tomato, peppers  and white wine sauce).The undisputed king of Portuguese Dishes, however, are prawns, and the tastes acquired using diferente sauces over the decades prove it time and time again! So what has made prawns the king dish at our home? It’s all in the preparation. While prawns are nowadays widely available, many home cooks would prefer to leave this delicious aspect of Portuguese cuisine to the experts, and avoid preparing them at home as though they were the most difficult thing in the world to work with! But here I am to bust the myth wide open, and to provide you with a prawn preparation guide that will have you rushing out to your local fishmonger so you can try them out in your own kitchen!