10. May, 2018

Cream of Asparagus Soup

The recipe only, is in three languages : Cream of Asparagus Soup,  Crema de Espárragos Verdes o Trigueros, Sopa de Espargos Verdes Trigueiros.

Asparagus has a long history going back as far as the first century. There are records of it growing in ancient Greece and Rome. Egyptians over 2,000 years ago cultivated asparagus for medicinal reasons and legend has it that it was so revered they offered it up to gods in their rituals. As with all vegetables the first asparagus was discovered in the wild.  A wild asparagus has thin shoots thinner than a pencil and is much different than the asparagus that you find in your grocery counter. Through selective breeding and growing techniques they developed a thicker stem with more edible flesh. It was cultivated in gardens in ancient Rome some as far back as the first century AD. The Ancient Greeks and Romans used a Persian word "asparag" which meant shoot. The term sperage became popular for many years and in the 16th century we find the term "sparagus" used in English speaking countries. The peasants would call it “sparrow grass". Asparagus is planted in the ground three years before it can be harvested for the full season. First comes the seed then comes the plant. Farmers only harvest for short period of time the first few years to allow for further growth. The mature plant is harvested all season which typically stretches up to 90 days. Asparagus will grow sometimes 150mm in one day!