23. May, 2017

Grilled prawns with lemon butter sauce

My wife Luisa is an expert in preparing different prawn recipes, but loves grilling prawns on the hot coals.! For this she prefers medium sized prawns(queen  prawns), they're easy to clean, they cook faster and despite being a long work, is rewarding in flavor.With the years that she has lived between Mozambique and South Africa, she adores the Mozambican prawn, dark grey shell and when cooked you can always taste that deep sea water taste. But lately we have been trying Wild Argentine Red Prawns and as the name suggests, caught in the waters of the South Atlantic off the Argentine coast.

This prawn sports a vibrant red hue even prior to cooking. But the real thing to focus on here is that first word: wild! The taste is awesome the natural diet wild cold-water prawn enjoy, and the lack of exposure to chemicals and pollutants, means a healthier, more robust prawn. Wild Argentine Red Prawn is not simply some afterthought of an appetizer or a morsel to be drenched in garlic and butter in a plateful of pasta: wild prawn is a delicious, nutritious source of protein that’s rich in nutrients, low in fat, and a good source of iron, selenium, and other beneficial vitamins and antioxidants.

The Prawns we grilled today are processed and frozen within hours of being caught, so its flavor and nutritional value are reliably preserved.

600g Wild Argentine Red Prawns
3 Garlic cloves
1 Lemon

2 bay leaves
1 small beer

3 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil
A dash of Piri Piri Sauce [for those who like it hot]
Sea Salt

150g Butter
Chopped parsley


Once defrosted wash the prawns well with cold water andbutterfly the prawns;  on a cutting board, using a pair of kitchen scissors, or sharp paring knife, cut the shrimp lengthwise through the shell, along the top side about 1 inch below the head and press to flatten. Pull out and discard the intestinal vein that runs lengthwise. leave the tails in place. These are handy for eating the prawns, and, some say, they add flavor while the meat is being cooked. Mix the beer, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, parsley, bay leafs, dash of Piri Piri Sauce [for those who like it hot]   and salt, Pour the mixture over the prawns and marinate for 2 hours in a nonmetallic bowl.

Make the fire in BBQ and let the coals burn down. When coals are ready place the prawns  on a grill about 3 inches from the fire. Cook for 3 to 5 minutes on each side, basting lightly with the marinate sauce. (The exact cooking time will depend on how hot your fire is, on how close the prawns are to it, and on how large the prawns are. If in doubt, cut into one of the prawns and check for doneness before serving. The prawn shouldn't be cooked too long.)

Before serving melt the butter and set aside. Zest a lemon and put the lemon zest in the butter. Squeeze about 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice into the melted butter and stir or whisk to combine. Brush the shrimp with the resulting lemon butter sauce. Serve with white rice and a fresh salad with cherri tomatoes.

Note: For the preparation of the Piri-Piri sauce do look up my recipe ( its great stuff)